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Watch below to see how Brett built a million dollar business in record time... and how YOU can do it too:

- Tim Verdouw "Mike and Brett helped me to go from $243 last year to almost over $40,000 so far this year "
- John Shea " I did over 30x what I'd done on my own in the past. Not only that, but I added a list of over 1000 buyer leads to my email list! If you are considering working with Mike and Brett on an upcoming launch, I wouldn't hesitate to work them for a second! "
- Stefan Ciancio " Working with Mike and Brett was the right move for my business. Through their expertise and direction I saw nearly double my revenue "

How would YOUR life change if you could effortlessly make... $458 per day $14,198 per month $167,170 per year

OR MORE... from the comfort of your laptop?

Thanks to the internet and a global economy, income like this isn't just a dream: it's reality.
In fact, we're living proof:

But Here's The Thing - For Every Online Success Story -

There Are THOUSANDS Of Failures NO ONE Wants To Talk About

Less than 3 out of 100 people that try ever make a dime online
Only 5% of eCom stores make more than $1000 in sales each year
90% of online businesses fail within the 1st 4 months
Why Such A MASSIVE Failure Rate When SO MUCH Money Is Being Spent Online? BAD INFORMATION

Today, SEO is dead. Tomorrow, it's alive... then next week it's dead again

FB messenger bots are ALL the rage right now - until they're not

You've GOT to be marketing on Instagram... Pinterest... YouTube have ANY hope

'Gimmicks' Can Make You Broke...
Proven METHODS Can Make You Rich
The REALITY Of Earning Online Is Ridiculously Simple:
Sell. Your. Stuff.

Forget short-term hacks, social media groups & 'building' audiences ...When you have something to sell - and right here we'll give you 3 winning products to sell as your own...

And can drive 100% free traffic - we'll show you EXACTLY how to do that...

You Make Sales, And You Make Money. Simple.

Hey this is Brett Rutecky & Mike Thomas (Mike from Maine) here.

Call us simple and we won't be offended - because simple is EXACTLY how we've built our 7 figure businesses.

Sure, we used to chase the shiny buttons, hacks & loopholes.

But we were lucky enough to 'smarten up' and realize the only way to CONSISTENTLY get paid online was to sell products.

Thanks to our combined backgrounds in software development and knowing what the market needs ... We've done incredibly well creating and selling products to an absolutely MASSIVE market.

Creating both WINDFALL profits when we launch products ...

And generating LIFESTYLE-CHANGING daily commissions as affiliate marketers.
But Let's Get Real

Creating softwares takes advanced tech skills or an EXPENSIVE budget, plus a lot of time & expense on testing

Developing solutions the market is willing to pay for requires HOURS of research

Driving TARGETED traffic to actually make sales WHILE building a list is often the biggest challenge of all

So Let's SIMPLIFY How You Get Paid Online

How Brett Created A Million Dollar Business In RECORD Time...
and how you can COPY his results

Brett started his online career by developing software solutions for clients - who then went on to sell those products to THOUSANDS of customers .

He soon realized his clients were making 50X MORE in profit than what they were paying him for his expertise.

So he decided to CUT OUT the middleman and instead sell his softwares direct to the end user.

The buyers were ALREADY out there. He HAD the solutions they needed.
And VERY QUICKLY using this new model Brett built up a 7- figure business.
Why Brett's EXACT System Will Work For You Provide an in-demand product to a hungry market, get paid.
You DON'T need to over-complicate this.

Brett's million dollar per year business comes from less than 1% of the overall market. It CAN'T get saturated, because the market is growing every single day.


JVZoo has OVER 2 million registered buyers in its database

Over 4800 unique users login to JVZoo every single day

417 NEW affiliates sign up daily - JVZoo is a MASSIVE source of 100% free, quality traffic
What Are All These Consumers Buying? What Are All These Affiliates Promoting?


High value, high margin softwares CONSISTENTLY outsell any other product category in JVZoo.

The top sellers of ALL time on JVZoo are ALL software products. Check the top sellers list and you'll see this isn't just a fad, it's the reality:


So If YOU Want To Make UNFAIR Profits Delivering IN-DEMAND Products To An Untapped Market...

You're In EXACTLY The Right Place... Because:

Brett's HANDING You His 7-Figure Software Business On A Plate

Here's YOUR Chance To LITERALLY Copy His Business AND Results... With EVERYTHING Done For You

Introducing... Million Dollar Shortcut

Your PROVEN solution to life-changing online profits

Instant access to 3 evergreen, PROVEN software solutions you can sell to build YOUR business... zero product creation or market research needed

Unique 'Everything DFY' Resell rights let you leverage OUR authority, marketing pages and tools to make sales on autopilot

Make WINDFALL profits whenever you promote while building a massive list for DAILY affiliate commissions

Live, over the shoulder traffic training INCLUDED - discover the EXACT strategies we use to drive 100% free traffic


This Is The SAME Method Brett Used To Build A MILLION Dollar Business In Record Time...

And Has Made Us BOTH 2 Of JVZoo's Top Earning Affiliate Marketers

Your Own Turnkey Online Income... COMPLETELY Done For You

Make INSTANT UPFRONT profits whenever you sell these DFY products

Effortlessly build a buyer's list you can earn DAILY affiliate commissions from

Leverage OUR authority and sales materials to make hands-free sales: perfect for both beginners and marketers exploring new niches

EXACTLY How Million Dollar Shortcut Puts Profits In YOUR Pocket

We're handing you "Everything DFY Resell Rights" to 3 powerful softwares.

What exactly does this mean? Plenty:

Brett's unique DFY resell rights blows any other form of resell rights completely out of the water. It's PROVEN to make you profits in the shortest possible time, regardless of experience.
You get the rights to sell up to 200 licenses of EACH of the 3 included softwares
No coding, no technical skills, no rebranding required
We GIVE you the sales page and SHOW YOU how to quickly add your OWN buy button... so the profits go directly to you from every sale
You can even CUSTOMIZE the sales video to build your own brand
JVZoo handles product delivery... and WE handle all customer support FOR YOU... meaning ZERO support issues on your end
You can promote these products ANY WAY you choose - to existing audiences & lists, across social media, you name it
- Tim Verdouw "Mike and Brett helped me to go from $243 last year to almost over $40,000 so far this year "
- John Shea " I did over 30x what I'd done on my own in the past. Not only that, but I added a list of over 1000 buyer leads to my email list! If you are considering working with Mike and Brett on an upcoming launch, I wouldn't hesitate to work them for a second! "
- Stefan Ciancio " Working with Mike and Brett was the right move for me business. Through their expertise and direction I saw nearly double my revenue "


We're going to show you EXACTLY how to get 100% free, targeted traffic to drive sales

Most resell offers hand you the rights to sell, then say 'good luck'

With Million Dollar Shortcut, you get LIVE training (with recordings) on EXACTLY how to leverage 100% free affiliate traffic so OTHER people do the selling FOR you... the very same methods Brett's used to build his online empire

These EXACT methods are helping people just like you achieve game-changing results:


You're getting THREE premium softwares with virtually unlimited demand to maximize your profits.

Forget Selling... You're Simply PROVIDING Solutions People Are ACTIVELY Searching For

What 3 Things Do ALL Businesses & Marketers Need Most?


A Way To Convert That Traffic

Cash Flow

Million Dollar Shortcut hands you 3 evergreen software solutions that are in demand and fulfill REAL needs in the market:

Social Traffic System... Because EVERYONE Needs Traffic! User-friendly, EFFECTIVE way to drive 100% free traffic from BOTH FB & Google, automatically!

Get thousands of free clicks, leads & profits in ANY niche

Includes both a custom WordPress traffic plugin AND image creation software

Autonars - THE Conversion Solution For ANYONE Marketing Online Webinars are the 'infomercials' of the internet - they convert prospects into buyers better than ANYTHING else.

Autonars lets you fully automate webinar delivery & put your profits on autopilot.

No monthly fees, no need to be 'live' on each session - the software takes care of everything...

With ZERO monthly fees for unlimited webinars & unlimited attendees!

HiJax - Because CASH FLOW is KING Any marketer or business knows that 'passive profits' come from promoting affiliate products.

HiJax makes those profits a reality for anyone, in any niche.

Maximize clicks to your affiliate links to drive higher commissions... and use the built-in scarcity to drive conversions even higher.

A MUST-HAVE software solution for any business or marketer that promotes targeted offers in their niche.

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4 Figure Days, 5 Figure Months And SIX Figure Yearly Profits Are Yours For The Taking!

We've offered extremely limited 'Everything DFY Resell Rights' to just a few of our products in the past. And people that took advantage are
laughing all the way to the bank:

Get Paid Today. Get Paid LONG TERM.

The power of this PROVEN system lies in multiple income streams.

Not only are you getting THREE winning products to sell and keep all the profits...

EACH sale adds a subscriber to your list - so while you're making money you're building a list you can promote affiliate offers to for ongoing commissions.

Be Up, Running & IN PROFIT By This Time Tomorrow

Cash Today. Commissions Tomorrow.
Rinse & Repeat Simple.

The real beauty of selling online is profits come in TWO ways.

Whenever someone buys, you make a profit.
Then that buyer is added to YOUR subscriber list... so you can make long term profits from your growing list by recommending related affiliate offers.

Sell more products... make more upfront cash. AND build your subscriber list to make even MORE long term commissions.

With THREE proven, evergreen products to sell as your own... You can rinse & repeat this PROVEN profit formula as long as you want!

Making Money Online Doesn't Get ANY Easier Than This
You get THREE top-quality, proven evergreen softwares to sell and keep all the profits
You build your list with EVERY sale so you can make long term affiliate commissions
You get our step-by-step methods for driving 100% FREE traffic
Product delivery is automated and support for YOUR buyers is completely covered by OUR team... for a PASSIVE income solution
You get to leverage OUR authority and sales materials to maximize conversions
Plug In & Let Us Do The Selling FOR You
Your access to Million Dollar Shortcut INCLUDES the sales pages for each product in the package. We've spent THOUSANDS on these pages & optimized them for maximum conversions.

All you do is add your own buy button to the page (we'll show you how)... Then you can leverage our branding & authority to drive sales even if you're brand new or unknown in your niche.

The biggest challenge new marketers face is recognition & trust. Now you can STEAL our authority as trusted software specialists and use that to do the the selling FOR you.

Proven Products. Proven Authority. DFY Profits.

Sounds Great - But Can This Get Saturated?

Great question, and the answer is a happy NO. We've released each product included in Million Dollar Shortcut on a limited 3 day run, and have barely scratched 1% of the JVZoo buying audience.

None of these products are currently available for sale to the public.

Meaning there are close to TWO MILLION buyers just waiting to hear about these solutions from you.

Evergreen softwares that solve problems EVERY business & marketer faces...

Untapped market...

Profits on demand.

Traffic On Tap For Ongoing Profits

To sell anything online, you need traffic. So INCLUDED with your access to Million Dollar Shortcut is LIVE traffic training with Brett & Mike.

We'll reveal EVERY secret we have for attracting 100% free, top-converting traffic that translates DIRECTLY into profits.

This is the stuff NO ONE is sharing unless they're charging private coaching rates... It's what works now and will CONTINUE to work long term.

You'll join us on a live info webinar and we'll stay on the call until EVERY question is answered... then provide a recording of the entire session in your member's area.

Every traffic tip & strategy behind TWO 7 figure businesses will be shared directly with you... NEVER worry about how to drive traffic again!

EXCLUSIVE Launch Bonus: Joint Venture Page Template

One of the most POWERFUL methods of driving free affiliate traffic is using a JV page. During this launch special, we'll share the EXACT template we use to attract as many affiliates as possible to your offers.

This template is a GREAT way to build your brand and maximize 100% free affiliate traffic.
Copy & Paste YOUR Way To A 6-7 PER Year Online Business?
Yes Please
Everything you need to create a life-changing income is inside. The products, the proof, the sales pages, the support. It literally doesn't get ANY easier, and you've already seen the proof of this in action.

Limited Time Offer - No Tire-Kickers Accepted

These 'Everything DFY Resell Rights' do have an expiration date. Even though there are MILLIONS of untapped buyers out there, we're not taking any chances.

So this is a limited time offer and we reserve the right to close it at ANY time.

Close this page and revisit it tomorrow, and you might just find this life-changing offer is closed for good.

Are YOU Ready?

To FINALLY make game-changing online income WITHOUT the hassles of product creation, traffic and everything else?

WITHOUT the expensive trial & error of finding out what the market wants?

WITHOUT the daily time involved in customer support?

Million Dollar Shortcut - Special Promo
You are buying MDSC from a authorized reseller and not directly from Brett Rutecky


Thanks for checking out this page.

It's our hope you achieve ALL your online income goals and we'd be happy to help.

P.S. You can look all over the internet, and you'll NEVER find such an all-inclusive, 'Everything DFY Resell Rights' package like this. It's literally everything you need to profit online, and you get our full support to help you exceed your goals. Click the button above and let's get you started right now!
DISCLAMER: The income results shown here are actual income Brett has earned in his online business. They are ment to motivate to not trick you. Brett works very hard, is dedicated and wants you to fully understand that that the results you get will largely depend on the amount of effort you put in. While Brett has done everything he can to make it as easy as possible for you he can not morally guarantee you any specific results.